7 Reasons to Consider a CycleBar Franchise

If you’ve found this blog, you’ve probably already noticed that there is something highly appealing about the indoor cycling studio model.  Maybe you’ve read the national media coverage of Soul Cycle or FlyWheel*, or maybe you’ve just visited a great cycling studio and had the “experience”.Harry Victory_Spynergy_Portraits_912

We’ve owned a highly successful studio that is having it’s 10-year birthday this year….and we’ve spent the last 14 months building a national infrastructure to create massive differentiation and winning systems in the marketplace.  If you want to bring this amazing model to your city or community, here are some reasons to consider franchising CycleBar.

  1. The CycleBar model is based on proven best practices of an existing studio, with an extremely successful track record.
  2.  You can view an overview of startup costs as well as a detailed financial history and operating history.
  3. CycleBar has pre-negotiated best prices on key equipment and systems  (bikes, sound system, online booking, website, etc)
  4. You instantly inherit a professionally developed website, Smartphone App and brand that is market tested and proven.
  5. CycleBar franchisees will have access to a Grand Opening marketing strategy has been developed and field-tested.
  6. A well-executed indoor cycling studio is a very profitable, high-margin business that is also relatively straightforward to operate. There is no direct sales, no billing, very little staff and 90% of customers transactions are automated through online systems.
  7. The business is fun!  People rave about the unique experience, while at the same time getting fit.  Clients become passionate advocates, and the studio creates a unique, committed community.

*Soul Cycle and FlyWheel do not franchise, CycleBar is the first and only dedicated indoor cycling studio franchise.

Spynergy Consulting has operated cycling studios for 9 years and has worked closely with over 80 individual cycling studio startup projects.  We have recently formed a new company called CycleBar:  the first indoor cycling studio franchise.  CycleBar will provide a turnkey cycling studio solution from top to bottom.;;

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