Market Data & Trends

International Boutique Studio Startups are Growing

Over the past several years, a number of international visitors to U.S. studios (or ex-pats living abroad) have started bringing the idea of a dedicated boutique fitness studios to their home cities overseas.   We have worked on business plans and startups in Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Taiwan, England, Ireland, India, Malaysia, Philippines and elsewhere.…

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Cycling Studio / Spin® Studio usage data – survey results

Note: The study below was conducted in 2013, but more recent studies have shown similar results. In January of 2013 we surveyed attendees of our 50-bike, 7 year old cycling studio to learn more about our studio usage.  If you are starting a studio, you will find this cycling studio usage data interesting as you…

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Flywheel and Soul Cycle are good for the cycling studio business

For many years, cycling studios and official SPIN®  studios, were a relatively rare phenomena.  There were some awesome and successful studios, but most communities were not familiar with them and the basic concept was largely unknown.   No longer. Two high-profile New York studios: Soul Cycle and Flywheel have received significant national press, Soul Cycle even…

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Survey of cycling studio and Spin® studio owners

How are cycling studios doing?  What’s going on in the cycling studio market?  Here is some market data directly from owners.  Spynergy Consulting has worked with over 100 independent cycling studio startups over the years, and also been involved in the launch of the largest cycling studio franchise:  CycleBar.   Recently, we conducted a survey of…

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Studio Trend: Performance metrics technology to differentiate

Summary:  Boutique fitness studios are opening at an increasing pace and studio owners are looking for innovative ways to differentiate themselves and to motivate clients.  In that effort, many are choosing to add “performance metrics technology”.  This is where clients can view, save and track workout performance data. Earlier we’ve discussed the  “Yin” and “Yang”…

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