Cost of startup boutique fitness studio

What does it cost to start up a fitness studio? Of course this depends.   I’ve seen startups at $50,000 and I’ve seen startups at $1.5 million.  Since we define a boutique fitness studio as a 1500-3500 square foot space,  I would estimate the average startup cost across the U.S. to be $300,000 to $800,000. You…

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Equipment leasing basics

If your boutique studio concept has a significant equipment need, you will likely consider equipment leasing as an option.  Here’s how it typically works: You shop around and find the equipment you want You negotiate a price with the supplier You shop for a lessor (you may or may not choose to use the lessor…

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Studio startup / Key considerations

Starting a boutique fitness studio, or any business for that matter, is frightening.  The simple reality is that it is risky.  For studios with a physical location, you will need to sink considerable cost into construction and build out, and in most cases you will need to sign a long term lease for which you…

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