CycleGiving is part of the CycleBar DNA

The Wellesley, MA CycleBar cycling studio has been in business for 12 years….and has tried a variety of ways to draw new riders into the studio:  Advertising, direct mail, telemarketing, printed collateral, various signage….and more.  Most with modest results and high expense.

Studio Marketing, CycleGiving, Community Building

In 2010, we ran one of our first “CycleGiving” (charity fundraising) rides, and since then it has exploded into a powerful engine that has dramatically impacted our studio as well as the dozens of CycleBar franchises that have recently opened.  The model is simple:

  • We make certain class slots available for fundraising rides
  • We connect to small and large local causes looking to raise money
  • We provide the facility and instructor
  • The ‘Cause’ group brings riders in and charges “per bike”
  • 100% of the proceeds goes to the charity 
  • Each rider experiences the studio and goes into database

This has been an astounding boon to our business.  As of this writing, we are running 3 to 4 CycleGiving rides PER WEEK.  In the first quarter of 2017, our studio generated over $25,000 in donations to dozens of local causes.  At the same time, these in-studio events have driven hundreds of brand new riders and first time visitors into the studio.Harry Victory_Spynergy_Portraits_912

CycleGiving is now an integral part of the DNA of our business….

with the following results:

  • Raising money for great local causes
  • Connecting CycleBar to the community in a powerful way
  • Driving new riders into the studio

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