Cycling Studio Franchise….Ready Now!

Finally….a ‘state of the art ‘ cycling studio franchise so you can smoothly bring this amazing business model to your community.

As you probably know, I have posted extensively on the amazing growth of cycling studios over the past 5 years.  I own and operate my own studios and I have also worked with dozens of entrepreneurs as they faced the challenges of starting a business.  It ain’t easy.  I believe the franchise model, done right, will ease the process of getting a studio going by addressing some of the main challenges startups have to face: .
  • Creating an awesome experience.  The Big Guys have ‘raised the bar’.  Expectations around the cycling studio experience are high because of the national chains.  We strongly believe in the power of local community studios.  They can thrive if they provide an awesome experience.  There needs to be a crisp strategy here. 
  • Real Estate.  Selecting and securing the right location, both demographically and physically is a significant challenge requiring a special expertise.
  • Marketing and branding.  For many startups, this is a neglected area and it is absolutely critical especially in the early months.  The “if you build it, they will come” marketing strategy simply does not cut it.
  • Instructors.  These are the lifeblood of a cycling studio and there needs to be a clearcut plan for recruiting, training, compensating, and securing the best.
Our plan with CycleBar, is to provide a solution that addresses these critical challenges as well as many others that you will encounter during the building of your cycling studio business.

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