Dedicated indoor cycling studios, a market on the rise.

Indoor cycling classes are one of the top group exercises in North America and around the world for good reason.  When they’re done right, these classes are tremendously effective workouts that can thrill and inspire.  Historically, they have been done in large multi-purpose fitness facilities,  the exciting news we have discovered is that independent cycling studios are on the rise!  In the last 3 years,  the business model has come of age.

Late last year, Spynergy Consulting completed a comprehensive review of independent cycling studios in North America*.  How many indoor cycling studios are there in the US and Canada?  A relatively small amount, but the number is growing.  Our estimate is that there are less than 625 dedicated  studios in North America, but over 200 of those have been launched in the last 12 months alone, and dozens more are in the works.  Compare this to yoga where there are between 7,000 and 9,000 studios, and we believe there continues to be huge potential here for the committed entrepreneur.

*For the purposes of this analysis we have defined a “Dedicated Indoor Cycling Studio” as a facility where group cycling classes are the primary activity.   Some of these studios also offer other classes (yoga, zumba, pilates, etc.), but their primary activity is indoor cycling or SPINNING®.   I have not included group cycle-training programs inside retail stores or other facilities.

Here is a summary of key findings about the dedicated cycling studio marketplace  (remember, this data does not include cycling and SPIN® programs being conducted at multi-purpose fitness centers and health clubs).

  • While the number of cycling studios is growing, it is still on a very small base.  Spynergy Consulting estimates there are just 625 dedicated cycling studios in the US and Canada
  • California has the most studios, followed by New York, New Jersey and Florida (note: yes, these studios can do well in “warm weather” states).

There are two major national cycling studio chains:  Soul Cycle and FlyWheel.  These are privately held NY-based companies that do not make franchises available.  In January of 2015,  the first cycling studio franchise company CycleBar launched with a turnkey indoor cycling studio business franchise.

Note:  If a CycleBar franchise is of interest,  fill out this quick request form  and someone will be in touch soon to answer your questions and provide next steps.

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