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Since 2009, Spynergy Consulting has worked with on over 80 cycling and fitness studio startups in the the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, South America and Asia…..we have specialized in startups.  We also own our own studios, started in 2005 that have a proven track record of revenue, attendance and profit growth over the past 9 years.  All our consulting flows directly from the experience of launching and operating successful studios.


What we have learned while opening and operating our studios, and assisting others get started… that the process of launching these businesses can be complex, challenging and expensive — if you have to do it from scratch.  For that reason, we have recently introduced the very first indoor cycling studio franchise: CycleBar..The first indoor cycling studio franchise.  CycleBar will provide a turnkey cycling studio solution from top to bottom. 

Click Here to fill out our candidate questionnaire and you will receive a call where you will learn full details on costs, financial projections, operations, branding, marketing and all franchise issues.

Bill Pryor


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Launching your own cycling studio from scratch

The Franchise offering outlined above will likely not be available overseas for another year or more.  In the meantime, if you are interested in launching your own brand from scratch…..we provide consulting services to help.

We have worked on studios in Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, England, Ireland, Taiwan, India,  and elsewhere.  We provide fee-based consulting projects in each of these areas:

1) Start-up Consultation / Customized Business Plan.…including detailed financial projections, startup costs, and a business overview that addresses all major issues related to cycling studio startup.

2) Site Selection / Real Estate….here we help you look at demographics and other considerations when it comes to selecting a specific locations.

3) Studio Setup / Operations Manual…..these services address virtually every aspect of how these businesses operate:  website, technical systems, marketing, room design and setup, instructor management, insurance, licenses, certifications, equipment and more.

To get quotes on any of these services or to discuss them in more detail just call or email:   781-254-3677   We are happy to set up a Skype or phone call at your convenience.



11 Responses to Services Overview

  1. Hi Bill
    Just listened to the podcast with indoorcycleinstructor – really got me energised again.
    I’ve wanted to establish a indoor cycling studio in New Zealand for some time. Drafted a business plan, brought some kit, set up a web site and have had a few clients at home.
    While the Computrainer model I love its not going to make it financially, yet.
    I am an experienced business consultant dealing in IT project management but my passion is cycling.
    So why don’t I leverage your consulting services and see if I can really make a go of this “hobby”.
    Regards – KEN
    Ken Holley
    skype: holleyken

  2. I really enjoyed hearing this, I have been thinking about this for about a year or so now. cycling has been a big part of my whole adult life. Is opening a spin studio and bad idea as 2nd career. I am nearing retirement, 25 years with the government.
    Is a spin studio a bad retirement adventure?

    • Tina, it is hard to answer that question…….because it depends on what your real goal is. Any startup business is a lot of work, especially initially —- on the other hand, these studios are tremendous fun and can make some nice extra income for you. They can also be managed without a huge amount of hours involved (after the startup period). If you’d like to discuss this further, happy to chat and give you a better sense of what is involved. Call me at 781-254-3677

  3. Great idea the concept is perfect, what will be the best location since we are sorrounded of gyms? there is a heavy competition


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  5. Sherry Mccullouch

    I have been thinking about opening a studio for somtime now! Just like most I don’t know where to start. I would love to hear your podcast. Also some consultion help. Please advise

  6. Janette Gonzalez

    Hi, i am interested in opening a spin studio. I saw the services you provide. How can i get in touch with a live person to be able to begin this process with you help. Kind Regards, Janette

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