Spin® studio franchise or Cycling studio franchise

If you would like to open an indoor cycling or Spin® studio franchise now is a great time.  The buzz is great for this boutique fitness model, people love them!  One option is to “go it alone” (there are pluses and minuses to both approaches but this can be a tough road, with lots of potholes)……The other option is to consider a franchise.

Soul Cycle franchise?  No such thing.  FlyWheel franchise?  No such thing.  Soul Cycle and FlyWheel don’t franchise*.  But, if you are interested in a proven cycling studio business opportunity there is now a model available.

CycleBar Logo #1The very first cycling studio franchise is called CycleBar.  CycleBar  is using the model pioneered over the past 12 years by Spynergy and Spynergy Consulting  so you can have a state-of-the-art indoor cycling studio in your community.   CycleBar studios are running classes in over 30 states right now, but there are plenty of good territories available.  The franchise model includes the following:

Support systems for indoor cycling or Spin® studio franchise

  • Mature established brand and associated marketing
  • Location selection support
  • Assistance with construction and buildout
  • Pre-negotiated discounts on equipment and systems
  • Ongoing marketing support
  • Technical support with multiple systems
  • Networking and cross-pollination with other studios

*Note: Soul Cycle and Flywheel are not franchises.  They are corporate entities that own and operate their own studios, they will not part with their brands and do not franchise.

Note:  If a CycleBar franchise is of interest,  fill out this quick request form  and someone will be in touch soon to answer your questions and provide next steps.

Spin®, Spinner®, and Spinning® are registered trademarks of Maddog Athletics 


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