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Summer marketing for fitness studios……take a deep breath

Summer Marketing for your boutique fitness studio?  Yikes….take a deep breath. Whether you operate in the colder states of the Northeast, the Midwest and the West, or in the moderate climates of the South or the Far West…….the summer slows down.   Even in places where the summer heat is intolerable for outdoor work outs, the…

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Targeting all types for your cycling or fitness studio

Think studio marketing.  Who’s your target customer?   If your studio is like most…..there is not one correct answer and there are multiple groups that you can attract.   Example:  one way to think about two broad communities that a cycling or fitness studio serves is as Fitness and Training oriented visitors. Fitness riders, usually the vast…

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Launching an indoor cycling or official Spin® studio: 6 challenges

I receive inquiries from around the world,  from people wanting to learn about launching an indoor cycling studio.  I have worked closely with a number of these folks developing business and operations plans. At some point along the way, each of these folks, faced challenges in each of 6 critical areas……and you will too if…

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Marketing your cycling or boutique fitness studio: 3 core planks

Some fitness studio marketing ideas.  Advertising and direct mail used to be primary drivers of new fitness clients.  Yes, you should still do some of this……but we believe there are 3 Core Marketing planks to help  build your business. Marketing Plank #1:  making your business “findable” online is one of the best things you can…

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Group exercise instructors….studio lifeblood

Periodically we conduct surveys of our active customers….for 12 years we operated a cycling studio Wellesley, Mass.  This provides an interesting look at the demographics, activities, attitudes and preferences of our customers: indoor cyclists.  Among some of the interesting findings:  less than 30% of  studio visitors are regular outside cyclists….WOW.  Some studio owners might find this surprising,…

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De-mystifying indoor cycling classes

Whether you are writing a business plan for a studio, teaching a class, trying to run and operate a cycling studio — or just trying to “spread the word” about this amazing workout, you will need to address a pervasive perception that these indoor cycling classes are insanely intense. “Those people are crazy”.  “I almost…

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