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7 current trends in cycling studios and Spinning® studios

In the past 6 years I have worked with over 300 entrepreneurs looking to open cycling and other boutique fitness studios. Many (but not all) made it through the business plan, funding and real estate challenges….and opened their business!   Yahoo!  Fitness entrepreneurs are a special breed, and it’s been great connecting and brainstorming with this…

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6 Reasons a dedicated studio can out-cycle big health clubs

We launched our first studio in 2005 and had 12 consecutive years of growth in attendance, revenue and profit.   How is that possible when we have a ’boutique’, pay-per class offering, and big health clubs nearby offer cycling classes or Spin® classes as part of their low-cost membership?   A cycling studio, done well, is…

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Challenges for the startup cycling studio

Indoor cycling and Spin® studios are here to stay!  All market indicators are up.  That being said — like any business,  with the startup cycling studio, there are challenges to getting up and running! 1) Planning. It is important to get your arms around a) the investment, b) the income potential, c) the timing, and…

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Flywheel and Soul Cycle are good for the cycling studio business

For many years, cycling studios and official SPIN®  studios, were a relatively rare phenomena.  There were some awesome and successful studios, but most communities were not familiar with them and the basic concept was largely unknown.   No longer. Two high-profile New York studios: Soul Cycle and Flywheel have received significant national press, Soul Cycle even…

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Spin® studio versus Indoor Cycling studio

Here is a question we hear from cycling studio starters looking to get their business going: 1) What’s the difference between a Spin® Studio and an Indoor Cycling Studio?  What exactly is a “Spin® studio”. OK, it’s a bit confusing….but here’s the straight scoop.   Group exercise classes set to music on stationary bikes is commonly…

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Questions asked when opening a SPIN® or indoor cycling studio

While helping “studio starters” around the country (and around the world) — there are certain questions that come up again and again.  When I answer these questions, I do not speculate —- I base my answers on the actual operating history of the many studios I have been directly involved with.   Surprisingly, very few people ask “how…

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6 reasons to launch your own boutique fitness studio

Bill Pryor

After 25 years in corporate, my sister and I launched a funky little fitness studio.  12 years later, I realize it was the best thing I ever did.  If you are evaluating the prospect of owning a fitness studio, here are a few of the things we found attractive about this kind of business. 1)…

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A tour of new cycling studios / lessons learned

Last week I had the pleasure of flying South to Philadelphia, hopping into a rental car and driving up the east coast visiting cycling studios along the way.   My primary visits were to my own clients —- folks I have worked with primarily via phone and email to develop business plans and get their studios…

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