The business of niche fitness studios

We provide consulting, advisory and referral services to individuals or companies interested in various aspects of the boutique fitness market. Expertise areas include startup, operations, franchising, and investment.

Services Overview

1) Initial consultation (no cost)

.....This is a brainstorm and 'sanity check' discussion to answer your basic questions and determine what next steps might help you assess a boutique studio business.

2) Start-up Consultation / Customized Business Plan

....including detailed financial projections, startup costs, and a business overview that addresses all major issues related to boutique, niche or cycling studio startup.

3) Franchise Assessment

....if are considering purchasing a fitness studio franchise, we can provide assistance in analyzing and comparing options and understanding key issues.

4) Site Selection / Real Estate we help you look at demographics and other considerations when it comes to selecting a specific locations.

5) Operations Issues

....whether you are starting up, already running, buying a franchise or just doing research --- we can help you understand costs and issues in the critical operational areas:  staffing, facilities, equipment, marketing, financial, technology and more.

6)  Products and services

....launching a fitness business requires a ton of big and small supplier decisions:  flooring, lighting, website development, leasing, insurance, equipment, social media, financial management, technology, to name a few.  We've vetted and can help you select the best, affordable solutions.

7) Franchise Development

....if your studio is up and running with a successful track record, maybe you like to explore growth via franchising.   We've done it, and would be happy to share our experiences and help you navigate the issues and options.


I own a fitness studio --- want to discuss consulting help.

I own a fitness studio --- want to discuss Franchising my concept.

I'm interested in buying a franchise --- want to learn more about options.

I'm considering a startup  independent studio --- looking for consulting / support

I have some other interest in the boutique fitness space and want to talk.

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