If starting a successful fitness studio is your goal, you really have 2 primary options.  You can start one from scratch, or you can buy a franchise.  Which option is best for you?  It Depends.

People who want a proven track record, who want to be part of a team that is providing guidance, and want to short cut learning lots of the franchises.  People with a strong personal vision that are willing to take on multiple projects from scratch....go it alone.  Either approach has risks, either can be successful.  We'll explore issues related to both throughout this blog.

Rowing studio franchise — Row House

In January of this year, Xponential Fitness announced the acquisition of NYC-based Row House to add to its portfolio of niche boutique fitness studios.  A number of independent rowing studios have found success in the past few years, and Row House is a prime example.  They become the very first rowing studio franchise, with three…
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Boutique fitness business: the more the merrier

The boutique fitness business is driven by volume.  The more people you can get coming to your studio, the better the business will be.  With this fundamental in mind, the more inclusive your concept, the more potential you have to grow……in theory.   The best concepts create a powerful “inclusivity” vibe that makes the highest number…
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What is a Franchise Development Company?

How do I franchise my fitness business?  If you own a successful fitness studio and are looking for a way to scale your business and grow, one option is franchising.  As noted in an earlier post, the other option, growing internally, carries different challenges and risks.  When exploring the franchise route, you can either ‘go…
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Studio concepts overview / Top boutique fitness studios

As early as 5 years ago, there were a surprisingly small number of boutique fitness studio concepts outside of Los Angeles.  Yoga and Pilates studios had penetration but there were almost no other specialized, dedicated studios in many markets.  Today, top boutique fitness studios are everywhere.  A drive down any main street sees a vastly…
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One guy’s boutique fitness studio adventure: Chapter 2

….continued from Chapter 1 (studio startup to studio maturity) 2009 – 2013: Consulting By 2009 the boutique fitness market size was growing, and I was getting a regular stream of contacts from studio-starters interested in our model. I set up a small consulting practice to help people interested in boutique studios.  I wrote business plans…
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Buying a fitness studio franchise?

The demand for quality fitness studios is strong and growing.  The business model has been proven in a variety of urban, suburban and small town markets across North America.  If you are considering this business, one of the options is buying a fitness studio franchise There are a number of reasons to consider franchising, but…
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