There's a market revolution going on.  Boutique fitness studios are having a profound impact on the way people view health, wellness and in fact lifestyle.   These places are no longer “gyms” to workout at.  Great studios are true communities that provide physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual nourishment.  Because of this…..more and more people are participating and the business opportunities are exploding.  Here we'll present data and trends from a variety of perspectives

Healthy lifestyle — what does that mean?

The phenomena of boutique fitness studios is really a subset of a larger macro trend:  in recent years there is clearly a heightened awareness and craving for a ‘healthy lifestyle’. Why do we crave a healthy lifestyle?  It’s simple.  We crave a healthy lifestyle because we often live unhealthy lifestyles physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  It’s the…
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Why is boutique fitness so popular?

It’s easier and easier to commit to exercise these days. In 2005, I was working full time in a corporate job, and my sister Alex was a stay-at-home Mom. We had a crazy idea — we started an indoor cycling studio. What’s so crazy about that? Well in 2005 there were exactly zero indoor cycling…
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Boutique fitness business: the more the merrier

The boutique fitness business is driven by volume.  The more people you can get coming to your studio, the better the business will be.  With this fundamental in mind, the more inclusive your concept, the more potential you have to grow……in theory.   The best concepts create a powerful “inclusivity” vibe that makes the highest number…
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Boutique fitness studio locations – helped by the “Amazon Effect”

Traditional retail has suffered dramatically at the hands of online retailers like Amazon.  This is well documented and causing major upheaval in the retail real estate circles.  As a result, more and better boutique fitness studio locations are available.  In addition to “re-purposing” space once designated for apparel and other retail —-  many landlords are…
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More global activity in boutique fitness

Earlier this month, Space Cycle, a boutique fitness studio operator with locations in Taiwan and China, announced it has closed a RMB100 million Series B round led by Alibaba Taiwan Entrepreneurs Fund II, managed by WI Harper Group.   Space Cycle has what it calls “premium boutique fitness studios” that combine entertainment, fitness, music and innovative teaching.   Main…
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Boutique studio trend: The merging of entertainment and fitness

Soul Cycle recruits actors and models, not fitness experts.  CycleBar refers to their instructors as “CycleStars”.  Cult boutique fitness instructors have massive social media followings like celebrities.  Studios invest heavily in high quality music, video content and lighting.  In many boutique fitness studios, the leader/instructor performs from an actual stage.  What has clearly emerged in…
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