Once you are through the startup phase of your business, attention turns to ongoing operations. Real estate, construction and system development are only done once per studio.  Next the focus becomes staffing, marketing, sales, customer service,  and overall business management.  

The best concept in the world still requires crisp execution in order to maximize results.  Each area of operations will be dealt with extensively through this blog.  Dig in.

Opening a fitness or cycling studio – big mistakes

We’ve been directly involved in the opening of three studios we owned, and indirectly involved in over 200 openings of franchisees we work with. Opening a fitness or cycling studio is both frightening and exhilarating. Frightening because what if no one shows up?  Exhilarating because if they do, it’s an amazing business.  Basically you are…
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Boutique fitness business: the more the merrier

The boutique fitness business is driven by volume.  The more people you can get coming to your studio, the better the business will be.  With this fundamental in mind, the more inclusive your concept, the more potential you have to grow……in theory.   The best concepts create a powerful “inclusivity” vibe that makes the highest number…
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Boutique fitness studio consultant….14 questions

As a boutique fitness studio consultant for the past 8 years, I’ve been asked a ton of questions.  Some are what you would expect, others might surprise you.  The challenges to opening a cycling studio, a bootcamp studio or other boutique fitness concept, depend on a variety of factors.  Here is a quick summary of…
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Boutique studio trend: The merging of entertainment and fitness

Soul Cycle recruits actors and models, not fitness experts.  CycleBar refers to their instructors as “CycleStars”.  Cult boutique fitness instructors have massive social media followings like celebrities.  Studios invest heavily in high quality music, video content and lighting.  In many boutique fitness studios, the leader/instructor performs from an actual stage.  What has clearly emerged in…
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One guy’s boutique studio fitness adventure: Chapter 3 (final)

….continued from Chapter 2 (consulting, franchising & harvest) Lesson #1 — a passion for the product I’m sure we benefitted from the fact that we had zero background in the fitness industry.  We had no fitness business experience, but we were passionate fitness consumers.  From the outset, we taught classes, and were immersed in the day-to-day. …
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Staffing a boutique fitness studio – best practices

In other posts we have addressed the critical importance of instructors, but what about other staff?  Staffing a fitness studio means a) finding the right people and b) finding the right amount of people.  Finding the right amount of people mean not over-staffing or under-staffing.  Staffing is one of your largest expense areas, and it…
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