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In January of this year, Xponential Fitness announced the acquisition of NYC-based Row House to add to its portfolio of niche boutique fitness studios.  A number of independent rowing studios have found success in the past few years, and Row House is a prime example.  They become the very first rowing studio franchise, with three proof-of-concept studios in New York.

The first rowing studio franchise is now available

Founders Eric and Debra Von Frohlich, have been highly focussed on providing a workout that is broadly appealing to all fitness levels, and has an inclusive feel.  As noted in an earlier post, we feel this is one of the best ways to position a boutique fitness studio.  From the press release:

“….Rowing has long been recognized by serious athletes as one of the most effective forms of full-body exercise and Row House’s workout stays true to form. Targeting the upper body, lower body, and core all at once, the brand’s fitness program offers an energetic, endorphin-boosting workout in a safe, inspiring, and inclusive environment…”

Any reader of the bestseller “Boys in the boat”, has a sense of the passion and energy that flows from rowers working together in unison on the water.  Like indoor cycling, and unlike many other fitness concepts, indoor rowing works to bring the best aspects of an outdoor sport indoors.  Therefore making it more convenient and accessible.

Like cycling (one of the most successful boutique fitness studio concepts), indoor rowing is low-impact.

The typical ground-pounding injuries sustained by runners, soccer players, basketball junkies and others are not an issue.  In fact, many rowers (and indoor cyclists) come from the ranks of former runners.  Athletes looking for something they can do post-injury, and finding it in a rowing studio.

As with any studio, and any business — it’s about execution.  But rowing studios as a business have great fundamentals:  experience-driven, great workout, low-impact, broadly appealing, adaptable.  Look for a rowing franchise near you in the next few years.

Note:  If a Row House franchise is of interest,  fill out this quick request form  and someone will be in touch soon to answer your questions and provide next steps.

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