Starting a boutique fitness studio, or any business for that matter, is frightening.  The simple reality is that it is risky.  For studios with a physical location, you will need to sink considerable cost into construction and build out, and in most cases you will need to sign a long term lease for which you are personally responsible.

So yes...the financial risk in considerable.  Risk cannot be eliminated, but risk can at least be minimized by careful planning and doing your homework.

What you will read about in this blog --- is critical factors in startup.  These include: business market assessment, location selection, creating a realistic business model, projecting growth, startup cost factors, grand opening strategies and more.

Opening a fitness or cycling studio – big mistakes

We’ve been directly involved in the opening of three studios we owned, and indirectly involved in over 200 openings of franchisees we work with. Opening a fitness or cycling studio is both frightening and exhilarating. Frightening because what if no one shows up?  Exhilarating because if they do, it’s an amazing business.  Basically you are…
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Choosing a fitness studio location

Shopping for commercial real estate for your business has its own special challenges.  First of all, I can almost guarantee you that you are never going to get exactly what you want.  Let me explain.  If you list your criteria for the ideal location:  square footage, space configuration, ceiling height, neighborhood, suitable parking situation, price…
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Buying a fitness studio franchise?

The demand for quality fitness studios is strong and growing.  The business model has been proven in a variety of urban, suburban and small town markets across North America.  If you are considering this business, one of the options is buying a fitness studio franchise There are a number of reasons to consider franchising, but…
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Boutique fitness industry statistics

Stephens, an independent financial services and research company recently published a report called “The Rise of Boutique Studio Fitness Concepts”.  Authored by Bryan O’Rourke, President of the Fitness Industry Technology Council.  Here is an excerpt from his summary addressing boutique fitness studio growth: “…..Consumers are seeking community-based fitness concepts that provide an outstanding fitness experience in a…
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One guy’s boutique fitness studio adventure: Chapter 1

If you’re pressed for time, here’s the short version: In 2005, we launched a 25-bike dedicated cycling studio in a suburb of Boston.  It grew steadily for 9 years and in 2014 we joined partners and created a company to franchise our cycling studio concept.  After selling 250+ franchises and opening over 100 studios, the…
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Cost of startup boutique fitness studio

What is a reasonable fitness studio startup cost? Of course this depends.   I’ve seen startups at $50,000 and I’ve seen startups at $1.5 million.  Since we define a boutique fitness studio as a 1500-3500 square foot space,  I would estimate the average startup cost across the U.S. to be $300,000 to $800,000. You should have…
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