For the purposes of this blog, we define a Boutique Studio as a small fitness business featuring one or several specialized workouts. These workouts are typically in a group exercise format available on a published schedule. For our purposes here, gyms, personal training businesses and traditional multi-purpose fitness centers are not considered Boutique Studios.  The number of group exercise concepts out there is immense, and limited only by the imagination of trainers and coaches.

There are two angles from which to view these emerging concepts.  First is the effectiveness and and uniqueness of the workout itself.  Second is the appeal from a business perspective.  Great boutique studios don't just give a great workout, there is something in the model, beyond that, that keeps customers coming back again and again.

Rowing studio franchise — Row House

In January of this year, Xponential Fitness announced the acquisition of NYC-based Row House to add to its portfolio of niche boutique fitness studios.  A number of independent rowing studios have found success in the past few years, and Row House is a prime example.  They become the very first rowing studio franchise, with three…
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Studio concepts overview / Top boutique fitness studios

As early as 5 years ago, there were a surprisingly small number of boutique fitness studio concepts outside of Los Angeles.  Yoga and Pilates studios had penetration but there were almost no other specialized, dedicated studios in many markets.  Today, top boutique fitness studios are everywhere.  A drive down any main street sees a vastly…
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Club Pilates: Pilates franchise concept

When Joseph Pilates emigrated to America and established his revolutionary “Contrology Method” fitness system. he probably did not imagine 11 million practitioners in the early 21st century.  Well they exist!   Various permutations of his system have exploded and one of the most popular is by the growing So-Cal based fitness franchise:  Club Pilates a boutique…
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Studio Profile: Shred415

The Basics Shred415, franchising since 2017,  was created by experienced Chicago fitness experts Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer.  The Shred415 experience is instructor-led interval training classes that target all fitness levels.  Workouts alternate between cardio work on treadmills and strength training on the floor,  and are designed to increase muscle and burn calories in a…
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Stretch studio: truly unique boutique fitness concept

Every once in a while I come across something in this space where I say “….damn, I wish I’d thought of that….”.  I kind of feel StretchLab is one of those things,  a truly unique boutique studio concept.  Technically, by my own definition, this is not even boutique fitness — because we define boutique fitness…
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Rowing studios recent emergence

Rowing studio?  When I first started indoor cycling years ago, and commented to a friend about the intensity, he commented “if you think indoor cycling is tough, try rowing — it makes cycling seem cushy”.  Back then every gym had rowing machines, but there were not rowing studios to speak of.  Today it’s different and…
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